El Tejado Sports TV features:
* Screen 1 with sound - generally set to ESPN
* Screen 2 with closed captioning - generally set to FOX Sports 1
* These and screen 3 (generally set to FOX News) can be changed to any station
* Any game from the standard Direct TV lineup can be requested
* In season, you can also request games available from Direct TV...
           NFL Sunday Ticket (out of season)
           NHL Center Ice
           NBA League Pass
* In addition, we will also choose some games to display.
* A schedule of planned special games will posted in El Tejado

When viewing in El Tejado DO NOT TOUCH ANY CONTROLS ON THE SCREEN. Sodexo staff cannot adjust the settings, and you may ruin it for everyone! Use ONLY the large volume knob on the tuner in the corner.

To request a special game, please obtain the information needed below from the above links, and then submit the request. Please do not submit multiple times. If we can accommodate the request, we will. Requests received same day or for the weekend after noon Friday probably cannot be accomodated.

Program date:

Program start time:

Program name:

DIRECTV channel:

Your Westmont email:

El Tejado Sports TV
Sports TV is available when the DC is open during the day, and when El Tejado is open for Late Night Service.